La creación de un Departamento de Investigación en el Instituto de Educación Musical (IEM) is a new step on our way to the defense and improvement of the Music Education.

the IEM (Instituto de Educación Musical) crea su Departamento de Investigación para fomentar el desarrollo de estudios científicos sobre la práctica educativa en nuestra Metodología y establecer vínculos con iniciativas similares.

Our main goal is to systematise and theoretically substantiate proposals for more than,es 20 years we are carrying out in all areas of music education, in addition to placing the IEM methodology in the landscape of educational proposals, inside and outside music, aspire to renew the educational landscape and build the musical education of the XXI century.

We are convinced that this must go hand in hand actual practice and direct contact with teachers, students and educational realities with deep and systematic reflection on them, in an organic reciprocating feed back our proposals.

The objectives are:

  • Evaluate and revise our educational materials and propose new developments
  • Develop own lines or related research with IEM Methodology, through educational publications and scientific articles
  • theoretically substantiate the educational thought of IEM, in relation to other related methodological proposals
  • Encourage and support the creation of doctoral dissertations and master on the IEM generated by teachers Methodology and IEM, and publicizing the already generated.
  • Establish relations with different institutions that have points in common with the IEM, in the use of improvisation and creativity in music pedagogy
  • desarrollar un mapa del IEM (profesores, alumnos, centros,…)
  • investigar las tesis, master, trabajos,… generados por profesores IEM
  • investigar las tesis, master, trabajos en donde se cite al IEM
  • investigar la historia del IEM